Sunday, October 31, 2010

Boo I am BACK

Photo's were taken in June and July; my mom, Angel, Carter and me; Lady B and me, cattle in south central Nebraska.

O.k. Campers am back. I haven't had my own internet service up until yesterday. I have gone on line at work but only for basic stuff, work related resources and brief ventures onto FB. I have been busy enough this summer to not need internet at home. With the days getting shorter keeping me inside more I how have the time to blog again, plus need something more creative than watching rented movies to do in the evenings. I am keeping this post short since I am at Lady B's house watching Angel and just hanging out. Below is the website address to where I work, I am the Program Manager and will explain more about that later. I will say that I am still sober, didn't relapse, I am still able to walk on the middle road of interpeace and serenity 95% of the time, my relationship with Lady B and her family is solid, loving and a big part of my life. Angel and Carter are both doing well. Angel has entered the terrible 2's, she has an attitude plus, Karma for her mom cause Angel is just like Mich. Carter's health is fairly good, is immune system isn't very strong so Mich has to pay close attention to his breathing, he has been in the hospital a couple of times due to fluid in his lungs, plus he catches viruses easy. Mich is a roller coaster, I do my best to detach with love and help out here and there, I can't stop her from making mistakes or repeating mistakes, like all of us she has to learn on her own.

Well campers, you have all been in my thoughts and prayers and I hope all of you are rolling with the flow of life, finding acceptance in the unpleasent. I will write again very soon. Please go to and check out the wonderful organization I work for.

Peace Love and Light